Multimodal AI for Social Good

The 1st Workshop on Multimodal AI for Social Good (MAISG) will be held in New Delhi2020, in conjunction with IEEE, BigMM 2020. We invite the submission of papers on original and unpublished research on all aspects of multimodal AI for social good.MAISG’2020 introduces the tradition of leveraging AI for Social Good with multimodal practically deployable solutions and thus welcomes papers on all topics related to AI for social good pipelines & frameworks, with the expectation that all papers will include multimodal insight. MAISG’2020 recognizes that high-quality research on social impact domains often leads to papers along multiple dimensions. These are motivated by the following issues:

  • Data collection may be difficult and may require innovative methods and validations, for instance, to address large scale data gathering in the field, eliminate bias and ensure fairness.
  • Problem modeling is a time-intensive activity that requires significant collaborations with domain experts and needs to balance a variety of tradeoffs in decision making.
  • Social impact may be realized through time-consuming field studies that typically compare a baseline with the application of novel algorithms in the real world, and the experimental design can be challenging and the evaluation may be multifaceted.

The goal of MAISG’2020 at BigMM 2020 is to highlight these technical challenges and opportunities and to showcase the social benefits of artificial intelligence for the greater good.

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